My Minuscule Little Pea Brain Is Totally Blown After Seeing These 22 Absolutely Incredible Pictures For The Very First Time Last Week

1.This is what a stairwell that doesn't loop around and only goes in one direction looks like:

A steep, seemingly endless series of steps leading upward

2.This is what economy class on a commercial plane looked like in the 1960s:

A very wide plane interior with two aisles and rows of four comfy-looking seats in the center and two or three seats on the side

Hmmm. I don't know about you, but I much prefer today's system of being shoved into the tiniest seat imaginable and having the most miserable four hours of your life.

- / AFP via Getty Images

3.Car seats for children were incredibly dangerous in the 1940s:

A child sitting forward in a car with thin wires and straps attaching them in a seat

No restraints, no extra safety components, just vibes.

H. Armstrong Roberts / H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock

4.This house, located in Alexandria, Virginia, is the thinnest house in the United States:

A very narrow, two-story blue house with one window on the second floor and abutting two buildings

5.This is what $700 worth of platinum looks like:

A hand holding a very thin, small rectangle of platinum

6.This is a rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world:

A person kneeling next to a very, very big, five-leaf flower above the ground

7.This is how an offshore oil platform is transported to the location where it will be installed:

An oil platform on its side with tugboats surrounding it in the water

Add this to the list of things I had never thought about in my life.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

8.This is what the inside of a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine looks like:

A machine with lots of slots showing brands of various beverages

9.The last McDonald's in Iceland closed in 2009. Feast your eyes on the final cheeseburger sold in the country, which has been preserved and lying in state for the past decade:

A burger and fries behind glass, with sign saying "The last McDonald's cheeseburger sold in Iceland in 2009"

10.Panda caretakers in China wear disguises to avoid spooking the cubs and to help acclimate them to their new lives outside of captivity:

Caretakers in panda costumes sitting around a real panda cub
Xinhua / Alamy Stock Photo

11.Here's another picture of that, for good measure:

Close-up of panda being held by people in panda costumes
WENN Rights Ltd. / Alamy Stock Photo

12.And ooooooone more:

A person in a panda costume

Or is that a real panda bear? Truly impossible to tell the difference.

Xinhua / Alamy Stock Photo

13.This is what olive oil looks like when it's freshly squeezed:

Light green oil in a container and some in a sink

Shrek water.

Carlos Gil / Getty Images

14.In 1969, Niagara Falls was "drained" in order to remove a large number of boulders that had accumulated at the foot of the falls:

The falls with minimal water falling

15.Speaking of which, this is what a canal in Venice looks like fully drained:

A drained canal in Venice between two buildings with an irregular surface

This is done to clean the canal and search for any mysterious clues to unsolved mysteries. Okay, maybe just the first part.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

16.This is what the first-class bathroom aboard Emirates airline looks like:

A small shower area, toilet, and marble sink with marble floor and small mirrors

Imagine showering on a plane and the pilot turns on the "Fasten seatbelt" sign.

mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

17.Cheez Whiz becomes a demonic entity after being expired for 10 years:

A Cheese Whiz jar showing an expiration day of May 8, 3013 and red contents

18.This postcard was sent to households across the country in order to introduce them to the zip code system, implemented in 1963:

Card from cartoon mail carrier "Mr Zip" with "Zip code is here!" headline and explanation of what it is, "a new nation-wide zone system to improve your mail delivery" and a sample envelope showing where it should appear

19.This 12-foot-tall behemoth is an octobass, the largest string instrument in existence:

A man standing on a step alongside a huge, cello-like instrument and playing it, and it's still taller than he is

20.This is what EPCOT in Disney World looked like while it was under construction:

Construction workers standing on a spherical outdoor edifice


Kevin Fleming / Corbis via Getty Images

21.This is an elephant beetle, a species of beetle found in Central and South America that can grow up to 5 inches long:

A huge beetle with claws on a handheld piece of wood

Big fella.

Bonita Cheshier / Alamy Stock Photo

22.The very first iteration of Ronald McDonald was created by Willard Scott in 1963:

Man in a clown costume waving and smiling with a McDonald's cup and fries in front of him

And it was so, so terrifying.

Everett Collection Historical / Alamy Stock Photo

23.And, finally, a whooooole lot of people needed to do their thing for you to exist:

A list of what "you needed" in order to be born, going from 2 parents all the way to 2,048 ninth great-grandparents: "for you to be born today from 12 previous generations, you needed a total of 4,094 ancestors over the last 400 years"