Spectrum cancels Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union's Bad Boys TV spin-off L.A.'s Finest

Sam Barsanti
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L.A.’s Finest
L.A.’s Finest

It’s been a wild summer for L.A. Finest, the Bad Boys TV spin-off starring Gabrielle Union (reprising her role from Bad Boys II) and Jessica Alba (making her first appearance in the Bad Boys-verse). In May, Fox announced that it would start re-airing L.A.’s Finest as part of its fall lineup, giving the show a chance to appear on a real network (sorry, Spectrum, but you know it’s true) and giving Fox something to fill its schedule with that doesn’t require filming anything new during a pandemic. Then, back in September, the show’s second season started airing on Spectrum, suggesting that things were really looking up for L.A.’s Finest and Bad Boys in general.

L.A.'s Finest stars Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba on gangs, fights, and Pacoima

Well, today, Spectrum announced that it has canceled L.A.’s Finest, cutting off any hope it may have had of finding a new audience on network television. It’s a little strange, but Variety explains that—while Spectrum doesn’t release viewership numbers for its original content—the show hasn’t been doing anything particularly impressive on Fox. Also, the critical reception wasn’t great, so maybe it didn’t stand much of a chance on network TV anyway.