The Special Meaning Behind All of Jason Momoa’s Tattoos

The Special Meaning Behind All of Jason Momoa’s Tattoos

At this point, we’re used to seeing Jason Momoa casually chilling—shirtless, of course—with a buncha tattoos. Not only was he covered in painted tattoos while playing Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, but he was also decorated with a ton of ink for the role of Aquaman in, uh, Aquaman. So what’s his tattoo situation when the cameras aren’t rolling? Real-life Jason, as it turns out, has a lot of tats across his whole body—and all of them are super meaningful. In fact, the Aquaman makeup team appears to have been so inspired by the real tattoo Jason has on his arm that they went ahead and used it as the jumping-off point for Aquaman’s full-body designs.

Jason opened up to a fan about the tattoo in question during a Q&A, saying, “It’s our aumakua, my family crest, it’s our guardian.” He went on to explain that “it’s supposed to take the darkness out of your heart and bring the light in, but we’re still working on that.”

Obviously, this backstory makes the fact that Jason’s tattoo was incorporated into his most iconic onscreen character even more special. But it’s just one of a ton of other super-personal tattoos the actor has. We’re diving into the meanings behind Jason’s eight tattoos (eight…that we know about 😏), including his kids’ names, a sweet shout-out to his late best friend, the logos of both of his production companies (why stop at just one, you know?), and a bunch more.

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Here's a handy guide to all of Jason Momoa's tattoos, including the reason and special significance behind the designs.