This Speaker Can Play Music And Hold Your Wine Glass While You Take A Relaxing Bath

Kelly Allen
Photo credit: Gabba Goods/Amazon
Photo credit: Gabba Goods/Amazon

From Delish

No soothing bath is complete without music and a glass of wine, but there’s never a completely ideal place to set the wine glass down when you’re not drinking from it or a non-splash zone to harbor your speaker. Fortunately, a wine glass holder that doubles as a water-proof speaker exists, so you can stress less.

The speaker from tech brand Gabba Goods is wireless and water-resistant, making it ideal for when you take a nice bath or hot shower. The speaker portion easily connects with any Bluetooth device. It comes with a built-in microphone for any slightly tipsy phone calls you want to make if you get bored. You can play it from up to 30 feet away, too. If you want to start your well-curated playlist and leave your phone in the other room, you may do so with ease. Plus, it has power, skip, and back buttons on it. The device sticks to the wall with strong dual suction cups and can hold any stemmed wine glass, so say goodbye to any fear you had of spilling red wine in the tub. You can buy the holder and speaker combo in a black or white marble design for about $30 on Amazon.

While you're looking at making your relaxing time even easier with this gadget, Amazon is selling a beach wine glass that won't tip over and double wall insulated wine tumblers that are perfect for summer nights spent outside.

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