Speak with Sport

Women's Sports Foundation gala to stream on Yahoo Sports.

Video Transcript

- We're all human beings and we care about a lot of things. And it's important to speak out, using your voice for good and making a difference.

- Sport gives individuals a platform. And you have to use your platform to help make not only the sport better, but life in general better.

- I'm going to use that platform to talk about issues that directly impact me as a gay Black woman.

- Trans rights are human rights. I have to do what I do, because there are young people involved. That is why I speak with sport.

- I speak with purpose.

- Compassion.

- Pride.

- I speak with equality.

- With my heart.

- With my head held high.

- To fight for accessibility.

- I speak for those who couldn't.

- I speak for those who will.

- Who will.

- Who will.

- Now I think we're at the place where we're using our voices to speak what our heart wants to say.

- It's up to me and the rest of my teammates to continue to just fight for what's right.

LAILA ALI: To go all in and reach my highest potential in life.

- Let's keep pushing forward, keep breaking new ground.

BILLIE JEAN KING: Equality can't wait. Together, we can ignite a movement that transcends sports. Let's stop chasing equality and start living it fully.

ALL: That is why-- that is why--

- That--

- Is why I--

- Speak with sport.