These Sparkling Coconut Water Cocktail Recipes Will Make You Wish For an Endless Summer

Caitlin Gallagher

If I could dream up the perfect summer afternoon, it would involve a pool, a killer playlist, sunshine, and an endless rotation of refreshing cocktails. And while there are tons of popular drinks you can whip up in your kitchen or backyard tiki bar (also part of the dream scenario), it's fun to put down the piña coladas and margaritas and try something new once in a while. That's where Vita Coco comes in.

The coconut water brand recently released a line of flavored sparkling coconut waters , and they're the perfect mixers for some fruity and delicious cocktails. With flavors like grapefruit, lemon ginger, raspberry lime, and pineapple passionfruit, our body temps are already cooling way down from the summer heat just thinking about sipping on these. Plus, coconut water is good for you, so if we make these cocktails with coconut water, we're basically doing our bodies a solid, no? Keep reading for nine sparkling coconut water cocktail recipes that'll make you wish for three more months of summer.

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