SOZO Comics Announces Partnership with Trophee to Launch of the World's Largest Manga NFT Marketplace for Creators and Fans

The manga industry is getting a massive boost with the launch of the manga NFT marketplace that uses blockchain technology to reward creators and allow fans to acquire valuable collectibles

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2021 / Copyright management and digital publisher SOZO Comics/ SOZO IP, LLC announces it's partnership with Trophee to launch the world's largest Manga NFT marketplace. The platform will connect digital manga artists with their fans to acquire tokens in the form of NFTs on the Trophee marketplace.

Manga NFTs are backed by blockchain technology which is secured, safe, and protected. Fans can buy the NFTs and use them to vote for their favorite mangaka (Comic artist) to boost their ranking on the leaderboard. That way, the best and most creative artist will get noticed and rewarded.

Fans can buy Manga NFTs on the Trophee platform at zero transaction cost. Fans who stake to vote for their favorite manga titles are rewarded with NFTs. Fans can also get to read manga for free and stock up their favorite collectibles safely.

Elvin Li and Young Shin, two highly passionate serial tech entrepreneur, and manga lovers drive the manga token project. They have also partnered with several companies to help them achieve their goal.

Manga entertainment is very popular all over the world, among children, teens, and adults. The industry generates billions of dollars every year, and it continues to grow. With the progress of digital content creation and publishing, more people are beginning to consume manga on their mobile devices, creating a massive online community of fans and readers who are passionate about the art form.

The challenge with digital manga content publishing is that it is hard to identify with the best creators out of so many artists and publications. If the best content creators are recognized and rewarded, it will inspire them to create more content. Quality content will further drive the industry forward to produce classics and collectibles that will increase in value over time.

Trophee platform offering manga tokens and NFTs is here to revolutionize the industry by becoming the world's largest manga NFT marketplace, showcasing authentic and best creators. By breaking the boundaries of traditional manga publishing, fans can purchase digital manga merchandise and directly support their favorite manga artists without going through a publisher.

The readers will buy NFTs and use them to vote for the creators to send them up the leaderboard and reward them for their effort, encouraging them to produce more quality content. Fans can also use their NFTs to purchase merchandise and collectibles, which will increase in value over time.

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SOZO IP, LLC is a digital comic publisher based in Los Angeles. They have representatives in Japan and work with Manga creators worldwide to help distribute their content globally. The company distributes manga in several languages and through platforms and apps.

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