This Southern breakfast food is a major trend for 2020

Bianca Sanchez

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And these days, we all could benefit from starting the day off with a hearty, comforting dish.

Easy Casserole Recipes for Breakfast, Dinner and Everything in Between

During the first six months of 2020, some A.M. meal choices have risen in popularity. To find the trendiest foods of the year so far, Grubhub compared the top-ordered items on its platform from January to June 2020 to the same time frame in 2019.

Based on the data, five breakfast items stood above the rest. While acai bowls are the definitive trendiest breakfast meal, one somewhat surprising Southern breakfast staple placed fourth: shrimp and grits.

So far in 2020, shrimp and grits has seen a 179% increase in Grubhub breakfast orders this year. Vegetable wraps, chorizo burritos and potato pancakes round out the remainder of the top-five breakfast items.

While orders for this Cajun and Creole favorite may be up, this dish does not necessarily have to be ordered in. You can make shrimp and grits at home using this buttery recipe from chef Art Smith's Atlanta restaurant, Southern Art. While at it, go for a truly cross-country breakfast using other regional breakfast recipes you can make at home.

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