South Florida Waste Collector Helps Rescue Bride’s Missing Family Heirloom Bracelet

"We had almost given up.”

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Bloomberg / Contributor/Getty Images

A south Florida waste collector saved a bride’s wedding day by finding a missing family heirloom bracelet.

Brittany Thompson told WBBH in Cape Coral, Florida, said she was “balling her eyes out” when her father came to present her with the sapphire bracelet when she was getting ready.  The two had just recently met after finding each other on

Later that evening after the reception, Thompson was removing her jewelry and realized the bracelet - her something blue - was gone.

She panicked, retraced her steps and the next morning, returned to the venue with her husband. But all the garbage had been emptied.

Luckily, though, the garbage truck was still there - and Thompson’s husband asked the driver, whose name was Jeff, if they could look through the trash.

Jeff called his supervisor for permission and the three of them - Brittany, Brittany’s husband and Jeff the garbage truck driver - began digging through the trash.

“We had almost given up,” Thompson said, when she saw hay sticking out of one of the garbage bags. She’d figured she’d lost the bracelet in the hay that was a part of the photo area at her venue.

Thompson rifled through the bag, pulling out fistfuls of hay and was relieved when one of the fistfuls had her bracelets.

“I just freaked out,” Thompson told WBBH. Then she said she asked if she could give Jeff a hug.

“For him to do that — it’s not a shock for anybody that knows him,” Bill Jones, Divisional Vice President for Waste Pro said. “Jeff did the right thing.”

A happy ending for a bride to go with a happily ever after.

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