Baker astounds TikTokers with ‘mortifying’ wedding industry secret: ‘I feel betrayed’

A baker behind Butterdream Bakery in the U.K. made a video sharing a behind-the-scenes secret about her profession. It shook everyone — myself included — to their core.

Duetting another baker while they threw away a piece of styrofoam decorated to look like a cake, the baker revealed her “secret.” She said that it’s actually quite common for bakers to use “fake” cakes as displays, especially at weddings.

“A lot of the wedding cakes you see are fake,” she said. “We’ll wheel away a fake cake that’s decorated and everything and then cut up sheet cake in the back and then serve that to the guests.”

Mind. Blown.

Many people who also work in the wedding industry confirmed that what the baker was saying was true.

“It’s true and having a dessert table is so much better!” one wedding photographer wrote.

“I work at a cake decorating store and yeah we decorate foam blocks,” another baker added.

However, people who don’t work in the industry were shocked, to say the least.

“I feel betrayed,” one person said.

“I can’t believe this,” another added.

“I’m mortified,” a third wrote. “I wish you never told me this.”

To be sure, not every baker sends a fake cake out for a wedding. According to Martha Stewart, some couples will order two cakes — one small, ornamental cake for photos and one sheet cake for serving — to cut down on costs. Other couples will just pay the extra money to serve the same cake they take photos with — it is their special day, after all!

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