'Sorry, but the serenading on Love Is Blind has to stop'

please can everyone on love is blind just stop the serenading
'Can the Love Is Blind contestants stop singing?'Netflix

Love Is Blind is back on Netflix for season four, and while we are *so* here for the love triangles and chaotic pool party, there's one thing that needs to stop immediately. No, not the 'What are you wearing?' questions (although there is that), but the singing. Sorry, but when did serenading your partner become a thing in 2023 and why did we allow it to happen?

Fans of Love Is Blind were treated to five new episodes on Friday [24th March], which joined a whole new cast of single people hoping to find love in the blind pods. The premise follows contestants as they go on speed dates without seeing the other person, aiming to connect on an emotional level, as oppose to physical.

While some people struggle to find their perfect match, others pop the question in the pods, proposing to their potential future partner without ever seeing what they look like.

please can everyone on love is blind just stop the serenading

And, is it just me, or has a strange pattern has started to emerge during the proposals? The singing. The strumming. The serenading. IT HAS TO STOP.

In episode three of Love Is Blind season 4, Kwame Appiah whips out his guitar while on a date with Chelsea Griffin, telling her, "We're going to make a song right now." When she agrees, he begins a refrain of "I just want the real thing," about the authenticity of their relationship.

A later episode sees Zack Goytowski perform an a cappella, original song for Irina Solomonova, the lyrics including, "You found me all alone...I found myself a Blarney Stone. Irina, you take my blues away. Irina, you take my blues away.

please can everyone on love is blind just stop the serenading

"I love you. Forever and ever and ever...I do," he finishes, before getting down on one knee.

Is this a thing? Really? Singing to a wall? Badly? Each to their own and all that but... c'mon.

Judging by the reaction on Twitter, viewers kind of wish they hadn't watched the scenes unfold, either. "I don’t know how these girls are keeping a straight face with all these men serenading on Love is Blind season 4. They just need to stop," one person wrote.

Another said, "The amount of serenading on this season of Love Is Blind is criminal" while a third put, "What’s with men on Love Is Blind breaking into song and serenading a wall?"

Someone else summarised,"I need men on Love Is Blind to stop serenading these women."

Of course, that's not to say all people are against the singing - both Irina and Chelsea both said 'yes' to their respective serenades, so maybe it's just me.

Plus, this isn't the first time the Love Is Blind men have reached for the guitar in hopes of showing affection; we saw it in season two with Sal Perez and Mallory Zapata, and even with Shayne Jensen and Natalie Lee in season three.

And look how well their marriages went...!

Love Is Blind season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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