Sony is launching a new camera on Tuesday! Here's what it could be…

 Sony teaser.
Sony teaser.

Sony will be launching a new camera on Tuesday, ahead of its Creative Space event taking place in New York that's set to take place on Wednesday and Thursday.

The company announced the announcement, scheduled for 09:00 EST / 14:00 GMT on November 07 (which is 00:00 AEST November 08), via its camera website, Sony Alpha Universe, as well as its Sony Camera Channel on YouTube. As such, it's pretty safe to assume that we'll be seeing one of the best Sony cameras of 2023.

"Please join us for a special event," reads the teaser on Alpha Universe accompanied by a countdown to Tuesday. The Sony Camera Channel on YouTube offers a sliver more detail, confirming that we will indeed be seeing a new product announced. "Be ready for a new announcement. Join us for this special live event."

Nothing else has been stated about the product in question – but that doesn't mean that nothing else is known…

What is Sony announcing on 07 November?

There's never any shortage of Sony rumors, but as of late there have been an overwhelming number of reports on what Alpha camera could be coming next – and there are a few very plausible candidates.

The camera rumors have been dominated, by far, with more chatter about the Sony A9 III than any other camera, and this would make sense for plenty of reasons. First of all, the A9 series represents Sony's flagship sports camera lineup – and as we all know, flagship sports cameras are typically released in four-year cycles in sync with the Olympics. Not only was the Sony A9 II launched to coincide with the 2020 Olympic Games,  it was announced around this exact time in 2019.

Above: you can watch the launch live on this YouTube page

Another probable candidate is the Sony A7S IV, the latest iteration of the flagship video Alpha. While it's not quite as old as the A9 II, it was nonetheless launched in 2020 and is thus very much due for a successor. The Sony A7S III remains a very capable camera, but it tops out at 4K video – and in a world where not only is 8K increasingly common among top end cameras, but where even the midrange Fujifilm X-S20 offers 6K open gate, the A7S III is looking a little limited.

It's also possible that Sony could launch (yet) another in its line of ZV cameras for vlogging. These have been enormously popular products for Sony, and content creation cameras would certainly fit the ethos of the Creative Space event, but an announcement of this scale more than likely points to a more marquee model.

Thankfully, whatever Sony has to show off, we won't have to wait long to find out!

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