This Year’s Songs of the Summer Include Bops by Harry Styles, Dua Lipa & More

Jason Pham
·1 min read

What is the song of the summer 2020? According to music lovers, that answer is still to be determined, but there has been one track that has been streamed far more on Spotify from the months of June to August, and that track is “ROCKSTAR” by DaBaby featuring Roddy Ricch.

Spotify revealed on Tuesday, August 25, that “ROCKSTAR,” which was released in April and is from DaBaby’s newest album Blame It on Baby, has been streamed more than 380 million times between June 1 and August 15. “I knew ROCKSTAR was going to be a HIT while I was creating the record,” Da Baby told Spotify in a statement. “But to watch the world make it into a GLOBAL HIT is an Amazing Feeling. GOD IS GREAT!” (All data from Spotify’s most-streamed summer songs was pulled...

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