'What song are you listening to?': Street interview TikTok trend morphs into hilarious parody

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Many longtime TikTokers dream of being stopped by another user in public to answer the question, “What song are you listening to?”

The wholesome TikTok “interview” trend began in 2021 when user Shan Rizwan began asking strangers questions about their music tastes. Most of Rizwan’s videos take place in his home city of New York, but he also films similar videos whenever he travels.

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This viral TikTok shows Rizwan stopping a man in New York to ask what song he’s listening to. The man’s answer was unlike the usually serious responses from Rizwan’s previous interviewees.

Since Rizwan began his street interviewing style in 2021, many TikTokers have followed suit to bring the trend to their areas. However, ever since the “On Top of Spaghetti” video went viral, the movement of street interviewing has morphed into a hilarious meme.

This TikTok posted by user @lizamatwinss is one of many staged parodies of the “what song are you listening to?” trend.

“Excuse me, what song are you listening to?” the camerawoman asked.

“Oh, ‘Squirrels In My Pants’ by Phineas & Ferb,” the woman replied, referencing the popular Disney cartoon. She then walks away, moving as if she really does have squirrels in her pants!

Another viral parody of the trend shows TikToker @ja.bautista interviewing his classmates during a typical school day. Each interviewee responds with obscure songs from popular games such as Geometry Dash and Fortnite or default phone sounds.

“I’m listening to ‘Sci-Fi’ by Apple settings,” one classmate answered, referring to one of the iPhone’s many built-in ringtones.

“I’m listening to the FitnessGram PACER Test by the physical education system,” another responded.

Other versions of the TikTok meme involve the cameraperson running up to someone to ask a serious question. However, the person is so excited to be on TikTok that they assume they’re being featured in a Rizwan-style video. TikToker @toekneecorrado received over 1 million likes for posting an over-the-top rendition of the trend.

“Excuse me, sir, you dropped your tennis balls,” the camerawoman said.

“Oh my gosh, I’ve always wanted to be in one of these!” @toekneecorrado responded, completely unaware of the camerawoman’s warning. “It is ‘Down’ by Jay Sean, featuring Lil Wayne.”

@toekneecorrado then performs a dramatic and elaborate dance routine set to the 2009 hit.


“The actor’s job is to make the audience FEEL… well done sir, well done,” another said.

“Brilliant,” Rizwan wrote.

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