A song from ‘Annie’ is helping TikTokers express their misery

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TikTokers have rediscovered a bop from the 2014 Annie reboot and they can relate to the lyrics so hard. The musical comedy Annie was a reboot of the 1977 Broadway film adaptation of Little Orphan Annie. It starred Quvezhané Wallis as the titular lead along with Jamie Foxx, Rose Byrne and Cameron Diaz. The song "Little Girls" was performed by Cameron Diaz who played Miss Hannigan, the cruel woman who ran the foster home where Annie lived. She sings, "Please kill me, I'm serious / Please kill me, I'm not singing, I'm asking / Locked in a cage with all the rats / I've slipped through the cracks". "And now I'm stuck with the scraps and I can't / Seem to find my way back" . TikTokers agree the song is really catchy. But other TikTokers are using the song to share the things that make them miserable. "Coming to visit my childhood home and remembering that my parents literally don't eat food," @helloiambritish lamented as the song played . She opened up the fridge to find it full of condiments