There is something in the air at Zoo Miami. Welcome the newest set of furry pups

Devoun Cetoute
·1 min read

Babies are booming at Zoo Miami, and every month it seems the zoo is announcing a new group of adorable fur balls.

Last week, the zoo announced the first ever meerkats to be born at the park. Wednesday brings nearly impossible news. A litter of furry creatures that are somehow cuter than the meerkats have been born at the park: a pack of African painted dogs.

The litter of puppies consists of one boy and two girls that were born Dec. 31, the park announced just over a month later. This is the second litter their mother, 3-year-old Little Foot, has given birth to. The puppies’ father is Evander.

For the first month, the puppies were secluded in their den with their mother, but are now roaming around their exhibit and can be seen together from time to time.

When the last litter of painted dogs were born in 2019, Ron Magill told the Miami Herald that fewer than 6,000 African painted dogs are left in the wild, making the species one of the most endangered carnivores on the continent. This litter was the second birth of the dogs in the last 20 years.