Someone made a 'Fruity Pebbles pizza' — and Reddit is not OK

Just because two things are good on their own,that doesn’t mean they should be put together.That’s the lesson thousands of Reddit users arelearning, thanks to one controversial home chefwho created a pizza topped with Fruity Pebbles.Reddit user named AKReddits shareda photo of the creation on July 25.Since then, the image has received nearly 8,000upvotes and hundreds of confused comments.The recipe appears fairly simple: Make a cheese pizza,then top it with the colorful, sugary cereal.Reddit users had plenty of mixed feelings aboutthe strange mash-up. Many called it “atrocious”or said it was a cooking “monstrosity”.“You ain’t right, son,” one user wrote. “You shouldbe jailed for doing that to pizza,” another added.“What have you done?” another asked.“Yabba Dabba don’t,” another joked.Others were more sympathetic. A fewcommenters argued that the “pizza”was actually already a dessert.“Chill guys, I think the cheese is actuallyfrosting and the dough is some kind ofsweeter dough,” one user wrote.“Is this some sort of cheesecake? Becausethat would be awesome,” another added