The Solo Stove Lets Me Enjoy My Backyard Year Round—and It’s Now $140 Off

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It held its own in five-degree weather.

<p>Real Simple / Marcus Millan</p>

Real Simple / Marcus Millan

Friends, family, and men in my life seem to have a single-focused devotion to one appliance and one appliance only: the grill. I often reap the benefits, relishing the sensation of someone else cooking for me (and on occasion, relishing some relish.) The grill has always been a year-round gathering place for my community, a favorite activity for long summer sunsets and chilly winter evenings. In recent years, their focus has shifted specifically to one brand, known for its smokeless fire pits and grilling attachments: Solo Stove.

These smokeless, stainless steel fire pits look established and sleek in the backyard—and the version I have, the Bonfire 2.0, is on sale for $140 off. Better yet, repeat the word smokeless one more time: while I’m used to coughing up a fit as the smoke drifts towards me, the Solo Stove eradicates that feeling entirely, making the fire pit experience much more pleasant and magnetic for everyone. As someone known in college for always seeking out the closest bonfire, the Solo Stove makes it even easier for me to gather my household, friend group, or extended family for some quality time.

Save $140 on the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0

<p>Solo Stove</p>

Solo Stove

To buy: $260 (was $400);

The best-selling Bonfire 2.0 is roughly two feet tall, with a nearly 20 inch diameter. While the brand offers multiple sizes of its signature fire pit, ranging from its Ranger 2.0 fire pit ideal for a couple to its Yukon fire pit created for a crowd (both of which are also on sale), the Bonfire 2.0 has been an excellent choice for me due to its versatility. It’s solid without feeling bulky, and I’m still shocked that it’s portable (using the included carrying case.) I would absolutely take it to the beach, car camping, or just over to a friend’s house without sweating or struggling.

How does it stay smokeless? Well, Solo Stove’s 360-degree Airflow technology super-heats air to burn off smoke before it can get to your clothes or hair. While admittedly I do love that “post-fire” smell they’re eradicating, I also love the experience of staying warm and cooking a hot meal without teary eyes. Friends and I tested out attached grilling accessories—now on sale in a “buy more, save more” deal—in five degree weather, and were impressed by how easy they were to use. The brand has a variety of accessories and spin-offs; it even just launched pizza ovens that are majorly tempting me (and on sale too.)

Save $300 on Solo Stove’s Bonfire Pit Cast Iron Grill Cooking Bundle

<p>Solo Stove</p>

Solo Stove

To buy: $495 (was $795);

The Cast Iron Grill has wide grates and even heating, which made us some delicious hot dogs and burgers, transforming an otherwise miserably frigid day into a core memory.

Head to Solo Stove to shop this limited discount now. As part of its “buy more, save more” deal, you’ll score $20 off $125, $50 off $250, or $85 off fire pit accessory purchases of $400 or more. You’ll want to act fast—Solo Stoves are considered a backyard must-have, and a discount this good is sure to go quickly.

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