Solidarity | NOT DONE: Women Remaking America

NOT DONE: Women Remaking America premieres October 27th at 8p ET/7p CT on PBS. Time's Up was born out of the need to uplift the voices that are so often silenced. Fighting for justice and using their platforms to create change, these women — including Shonda Rhimes, Natalie Portman, Mónica Ramírez, and America Ferrera — recount how their collective power has made change beyond what they were told was possible.

Video Transcript

NINA SHAW: The first thing we talked about is this just can't be a bitch session. And the beauty of it is that we had the letter, the dear sisters letter.

- This letter had been posted in "Time" magazine. It was the president of the National Women's Farmworkers Association.

MONICA RAMIREZ: Farmworker women had been organizing around the issue of sexual harassment for about three decades. So when the stories broke about Harvey Weinstein, we knew that, just as brave as these women were to speak out, that there were gonna be powerful people who were gonna try to silence them. And we wanted them to understand that there were people who were going to stand with them.

"Dear sisters, we wish that we could say we're shocked to learn that this is such a pervasive problem in your industry. Sadly, we're not surprised because it's a reality we know far too well. Please know that you're not alone. We believe and stand with you. In solidarity, Alianza Nacional de Campesinas."

America read the letter out loud. People were tearing up.

- Monica said, you know, they tell us, as farmworkers, no one cares about you. You're in the shadows. Shut up. And then they tell you no one cares about you. You're, like, so fortunate in the spotlight. Shut up. And she said, but they're telling all of us to shut up, and that's what we can't do.

- It was such a revolutionary act of love. They saw past vast things that divide our experiences in this world and chose to stand in solidarity.

- And I think that's really what started the idea that we wanted to do something that mattered for people that wasn't just about us and our problem. It was about helping all women.