Soledad O’Brien investigates the impact of the Coronavirus on America’s most vulnerable (exclusive)

Yahoo Life and Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Soledad O'Brien have teamed to launch the exclusive digital premiere of her documentary Outbreak: The First Response. O'Brien and her film crew were at ground zero of the COVID-19 pandemic in Seattle earlier this year and they captured dramatic, heart-wrenching footage and personal stories showing the virus's toll on at-risk communities, notably the homeless population and the residents of the nursing home in Kirkland, Wash., that was devastated by the outbreak.

Video Transcript

- King County, of course, housing is in a shortage. We've priced out of the market lots of folks. If we had a large outbreak, particularly with the homeless or nursing homes, we know that that's almost a perfect storm. Seattle and King County became ground zero for the first COVID outbreak. This is just nothing like anything else I've ever seen.

- I'm scared.


- We don't have the testing capacity. Let's be real.

- I've been homeless on and off for the last year. I'm really struggling out here.

- We found out that my dad was positive. We see him through the window. We're ready to take him out, but we can't take him out.

- Have a great--

- We love you.

- Last night, I was notified that one of our disease investigators had been one of the positives. She was in full protective gear. It shows how, how vicious this virus is.

- There may be room that becomes available. You might not have to be out here for, for two more months. So I'm hopeful.

- I, I, I can't just up and-- like, I've got to get--


- Breathe.

- It's impossible for a person of privilege to put yourself in their shoes.

- The virus can infect anyone. But the impact of this virus is going to be much greater in communities that don't have resources.

- Public health has tried to step into that space of shining a light so that people wake up.