Soho House founder Nick Jones stepping down after prostate cancer diagnosis

Nick Jones of Soho House (Getty Images)
Nick Jones of Soho House (Getty Images)

Nick Jones, the CEO of Soho House, is stepping down from his position after surviving prostate cancer.

In an email sent to members of the private social club on Wednesday (16 November), Jones shared that he’d received his diagnosis in early summer.

As the cancer was in its initial stages, doctors were able to treat it fully and he has since been declared cancer-free.

However, his experience affected his mindset concerning work and has decided to renounce the CEO title with immediate effect.

“First some bad news, and some very good news: in early summer I was diagnosed with prostate cancer,” he wrote to members.

“It was caught early and my treatment has been 10 per cent successful – and I’m not only healthy again, but also cancer-free.

“Inevitably, this experience has changed my perspective and focus. As a result, from today I’m transitioning from CEO to my original role as Founder and will focus on the creative and membership aspects of Soho House.”

He continued: “I want to do more of what I love, which is making sure you have a good time in well-designed, welcoming spaces and focusing on our House Foundations programmes, which help people flourish in the creative industries.”

The statement went on to announce Andrew Carnie as Soho House’s incoming CEO, with Jones ensuring that the organisation will be in “safe hands” with him at the helm.

Jones founded Soho House in 1995 with the intention of it being a social club for those in the arts, politics, and media. Its original site, 40 Greek Street in London, has stayed open ever since, with at least 28 clubs now open worldwide.

Most recently, venues were opened in Nashville, West Hollywood and Copenhagen, plus Brighton and Balham in the UK.

2023 will see new Soho Houses opening in Manchester, as well as Bangkok and Mexico City.