Sofia Richie Exudes Quiet Luxury In Low-Cut Backless Dress For David Yurman Campaign

Sophia Richie chanel
Sophia Richie chanel
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David Yurman, the luxury jewelry company, may have struck gold with their new marketing campaign. Sofia Richie Grainge is the face of Sculpted Cable, the newest collection of simple yet timeless rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, and the 25-year-old’s brand of “quiet luxury” as social media has taken to calling her elegant, classy style, matches the mission of the brand quite perfectly.

In the video campaign for Sculpted Cable, Sofia is seen in two simple white outfits, one a low-cut, backless dress, and the other tailored white pants with a white 3/4 length long sleeve fitted shirt. Featuring Sofia with their classic jewelry has brought David Yurman immediate success, according to both the numbers and Carolyn Dawkins, Chief Marketing Officer of the company. Keep reading for more information.

Sofia Richie Grainge goes braless for David Yurman campaign

The campaign was shot at the Kellogg Doolittle House in Joshua Tree, California. The neutral dessert and natural architecture was the perfect backdrop for Sofia to wander airily around the property wearing the jewelry. She is first seen in a floor-length flowy dress that just skims her curves. A deep v-neck halter top gathers at the nape of her neck and twists in a single column down her back, leaving much of her skin exposed.

The model stacked gold, silver, and rose gold bracelets and wore matching earrings that glinted in the sunlight. With her hair pulled back in a sleek bun, another trend the social media personality is known for, she exudes a clean, sensual vibe, especially with the added touch of light makeup.

Sofia’s second look includes a perfectly tailored wide-leg pant and a simple long sleeve fitted shirt. She again mixed and matched metals for her jewelry, and in one notable shot, the model places her hands on the back of her head, leaning back and reveling in the sunlight as the sun shimmers off her accessories.

Sofia Richie Grainge brings attention to the brand through "quiet luxury" aesthetic

Sofia Richie Grainge is known on social media for creating the "quiet luxury" aesthetic, which encapsulates classy, timeless, and elegant looks. The star's personal brand rose to fame because of her relatable posts and videos that don't flaunt her wealth in ways that many celebrities are often slammed for and called out of touch.

The words that David Yurman itself uses to describe the intention of the brand are nearly synonymous with "quiet luxury," so the pairing was quite the perfect match.

Carolyn Dawkins, the CMO of the company, uses "American relaxed luxury" and "timeless design" to describe the Sculpted Cable collection, which strikes a chord with Sofia. "David Yurman embodies everything that I’m trying to express with my aesthetic," Sofia said about her partnership with the brand. The Sculpted Cable embodies "how I dress and want to feel, which for me is timeless and elegant. This campaign is about paving your own way: being confident, taking direction and being the leader of your own pack."

And the partnership has really worked for the brand. Since Sofia has become the face of the collection, the David Yurman Instagram has seen a 46% increase in Instagram followers, a 3x increase in traffic to their website, and a 20% boost in earned media value.

Fan reactions

Fans are loving the collaboration as well, commenting on David Yurman Instagram posts and Sofia's Instagram posts to share their love for the campaign. "Best campaign you have ever done!" one fan commented on David Yurman’s post.


"If perfection was a photo…" another wrote. "Timeless elegance!"

"Something fresh finally from David Yurman," one fan commented. "She is the moment."


"She looks great AND normal/natural! Love it!" another added. "Genius partnership!"


Fans couldn't wait to get their hands on the collection, writing, "I need it allll!" and "obsessed already!"


"Stunning as ever," commented another fan, adding white hearts.


"Jewelry on point, obviously," one posted. "You are a glowing, radiant goddess." We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!