Social Distancing Meets Satire in HBO’s Newest Must-Watch Feature, 'Coastal Elites' (PureWow)
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While the rest of us are using TV shows and films as a means of escaping the (seemingly endless) nightmare that is 2020, HBO is boldly tackling the challenges of this pandemic head-on—and with a unique twist.

The network recently announced a special new project called Coastal Elites, a satire that will resonate with anyone who feels like they've been stuck in a Black Mirror episode for seven months. Featuring a star-studded cast, the one-of-a-kind presentation will address how the pandemic is impacting different people's lives, but with some light-hearted humor. To learn more, read below for more details about the upcoming HBO special.

1. What is 'Coastal Elites' about?

The comedy, which was inspired by current events, will focus on five completely different characters as they try to navigate political chaos and social distancing due to a pandemic. HBO’s description reads, “When the shutdown forces these distinct and impassioned people with varying points-of-view across the United States to cope in isolation, they react with frustration, hilarity, and introspection.” In other words, it’s the story of our lives, only on camera.

2. Who's starring in the HBO special?

Quite a few famous faces are involved in this project. Bette Midler stars as Miriam Nessler, a public school teacher who's stuck in police custody in New York City. Issa Rae portrays a philanthropist named Callie Josephson. Kaitlyn Dever plays Sharynn Tarrows, a medical worker who travels to help combat the COVID crisis. Dan Levy plays Mark Hesterman, an up-and-coming actor who confides in his therapist. And Sarah Paulson will take on the role of Clarissa Montgomery, a YouTuber who films meditation videos.

Jay Roach, who serves as the director of the project, is also executive-producing alongside Paul Rudnick, Scott Chaloff, Michelle Graham, Jeffrey Seller and Flody Suarez.

3. When will the HBO special be released?

During their CTAM (Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing) Press Tour, HBO announced that Coastal Elites will be premiering on Sept. 12.

4. Is There a Trailer?

The trailer, which can be seen above, was released on August 17 and it features all five characters, including a hysterical Bette Midler. And of course, it's hard to miss Booksmart star Kaitlyn Dever in her nurse's uniform as she recalls an unsettling interaction with someone who coughed and then exclaimed, "Well, let's hope it's cancer!"

Honestly counting the days until we can see this masterpiece in its entirety.

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