Soaked passenger basically 'went underwater' during Splash Mountain ride: 'Did him dirty'

There’s a reason Disneyland named it Splash Mountain — and it’s not because you leave the ride dry.

“You will get wet,” Disney warns of the famous ride on its website. Splash Mountain includes 950,000 gallons of water, three dips and a five-story drop.

TikToker @bozoztok posted footage of a group of passengers on the ride. But it wasn’t the big drop that left a man in the front with a particularly memorable experience.

“Splash Mountain did him dirty,” the video text read.

The incident happened during the indoor portion of the ride. As the boat made a small dip down an incline, the man in the front seat went directly into the water.

People screamed in shock and excitement in the background. When the boat came up and stabilized, the man was completely soaked in water.

According to Disney, how drenched you get depends on where you’re seated. Riders in the back may only get a “splash or spray,” while those in the front “can expect to get soaked.”

People in the TikTok comments shared their experiences on the ride.

“It’s never the big drop on the outside, it’s always the dark drop on the inside that gets everyone,” someone commented.

“No but the Disneyland version gets you drenched for no reason,” a user said.

“I always get soaked on this drop. Always more than the big drop,” a TikToker wrote.

“The man basically went underwater,” a person replied.

“I love that drop omg. It’s so funny watching the person in the front,” another added.

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