Snow-Loving Brooklyn-Dwelling Dog Enjoys NYC's First Snowfall in 2 Years

The magic of snow days never gets old unless, of course, you live in an area where you see snow all winter. Shoveling driveways and salting streets isn't nearly as glamorous as going for a walk with a hot chocolate during a gentle snowfall, but any amount of snow can feel magical to someone who doesn't need to worry about the logistics very often.

If you need any proof, look no further than Brooklyn-based dog foster mom Isabel Klee and her (not foster) dog, Simon. The precious pup loves snow more than any other weather, but it hadn't snowed in New York City in two years...until January 16! It finally snowed in the early hours of the morning, and Simon couldn't be happier to get outside for a snow day of his very own. It's every snow dog's dream!

Aww, what a happy boy! Simon is only one of millions of New Yorkers who are enjoying the first snow day in years, and this lucky dog doesn't have to think about thawing out a car or getting to work on time. It's all of the benefit and none of the frustration!

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It touched my heart to see so many commenters expressing joy over Simon's carefree life. I agree 100% with one person named Robin who thinks "every dog needs to experience playing in the snow at least once," viewer @thejenlevin loved how seamlessly the pup fit into the dog park vibe.

"There is something so pure about how dogs make instant friends with each other and just have fun and play together," she gushed. Isn't it the sweetest? Not all dogs thrive in a dog park environment, but for those who do, snow just makes it even more fun.

Winter Safety for Dogs Is Essential, Even if You Only See Snow Once

I think it could make anyone smile to see the way Simon trots happily through the winter wonderland, but it's also important to keep pets' safety in mind when the temperature dips below freezing. This rescue dog rocks his winter coat when outside, which is often all dogs need to stay warm during shorter walks in the snow. But some might need a little extra coverage!

Snow booties for dogs can be helpful in protecting your furry friends' paws against frostbite and irritation, though I know better than anyone that not all pups tolerate wearing shoes. Instead, investing in a paw wax or balm can provide similar protection without restricting their paws.

Whether your dog is a snow bunny like Simon or a warm-weather baby like a tiny Chihuahua, staying mindful in the snow is all you need to ensure you both have the best time.

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