Snoop Dogg's Chocolate Chip Cookies Contain One Nutty Ingredient

Snoop Dogg smirking at camera
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Snoop Dogg's official cookbook, "From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen," has given us many gems, like the rapper's take on potato chip-crusted chicken wings or his own recipe for the two-ingredient cocktail OG Gin and Juice. However, the dessert and baking section of the cookbook also has some solid recipes, such as the Rolls Royce PB-Chocolate Chip Cookies. Now, these should not be confused with peanut butter cookies that have chocolate chips added. Snoop's recipe is more like a chocolate chip cookie with a bit of peanut butter added in for some extra nutty, rich, and delicious flavor.

The recipe, which makes three dozen cookies, only calls for ½ cup of peanut butter, while more peanut butter-forward cookies often call for a cup or more. So, while you might get a little extra fat, salt, and flavorful depth from the peanut butter, it really isn't the dominant flavor. This places the recipe decidedly in the chocolate chip cookie camp.

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Does The Type Of Peanut Butter Matter?

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
peanut butter chocolate chip cookies - Avirut S/Shutterstock

Snoop Dogg's nutty chocolate chip cookie recipe calls for the addition of creamy peanut butter. The brand isn't specified, but you can trust that you'd want to use a high-quality peanut butter so it provides the best flavor. But what if you only have chunky or generally prefer its texture — can you use that instead? In certain baked goods like cake or bread that are meant to be on the fluffier side, chunky peanut butter, which has nibs of whole peanuts, can alter the texture during the baking process. But in flatter, chewier desserts like bars and cookies, it might not make a huge difference. However, because chunky peanut butter has actual, uncrushed peanuts in it, it's likely their flavor will come through a lot more, which means the recipe may delve more into peanut butter cookie territory.

Another thing to keep in mind when using peanut butter in baking, particularly if you prefer natural peanut butter, is to always ensure that the oil hasn't separated. If you add a scoop of separated peanut butter, you could end up with a greasy, less delicious cookie.

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