Snoop Dogg Just Dropped a New Ice Cream in Grocery Stores and It’s Like Taking a Bite Out of Childhood

Bowl of Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream
Credit: Alex Foster Credit: Alex Foster
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Once again Snoop Dogg has been keeping himself busy in the kitchen. Since getting his start as a talented rapper, he’s founded and partnered with multiple brands including Broadus Foods, 19 Crimes, and INDOGGO. He co-hosted Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, a fabulous cooking show with friend and culinary icon, Martha Stewart, and even launched a cookbook, From Crook to Cook, featuring his famous rule-breaking bacon trick.

Pint of Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream.
Credit: Alex Foster Credit: Alex Foster

Most recently, he partnered with Dr. Bombay last year to create his own ice creams with flavors like Tropical Sherbet Swizzle, Iced Out Orange Cream, Syrupy Waffle Sundaze, and S’more Vibes. On April 19, in advance of 4/20, he launched his latest addition to the line in collaboration with Death Row Records: Strawberry Cream Dream, the first of three new flavors set to hit shelves this year.

While the holiday has since passed, I firmly believe any day is a good day for ice cream. So when I got the chance to sample some on a regular ol’ Tuesday, I jumped at the chance — and invited some coworkers in on it too.

Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream.
Credit: Alex Foster Credit: Alex Foster

What You Should Know About Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream Ice Cream?

Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream Ice Cream is quite literally jam-packed with flavor. The blend of strawberry sherbet and vanilla ice cream are swirled with strawberry jam and bits of golden sandwich cookies.

Not to be outdone by what’s inside, the packaging is equally as bold with psychedelic pink, yellow, and red swirls and a leopard print top (complete with the Death Row Records logo). This eye-catching pint certainly stands out in the freezer section.

You can find Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream Ice Cream pints at several grocery retailers nationwide starting in May, including Walmart, Save Mart, ShopRite, and Brookshires.

Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream
Credit: Alex Foster Credit: Alex Foster

Our Honest Review of Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream Ice Cream

I must admit that I’m not a huge fan of fruit-forward ice creams. I typically only reach for one if chocolate, caramel, fudge, vanilla — you get the idea — aren’t available. I also read some less-than-stellar reviews online (you know, in the name of journalism!), so my expectations weren’t very high (sorry, Snoop).

I kept my feelings and the reviews to myself, though, and enlisted several editors at The Kitchn to weigh in on Snoop’s strawberry creation. Not only did I enjoy this pint way more than I thought I would, but also all of us samplers would, as Associate Lifestyle Editor, Sofia Rivera, says, “happily take another small bowlful.”

Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream in a bowl.
Credit: Alex Foster Credit: Alex Foster

Opening up the lid revealed a bright watermelon-colored pink sherbet with a thick ribbon of strawberry jam swirled with vanilla ice cream. It’s a stunning combination and one that gave us major summer feels. Once we dug in, there was a balanced ratio between the vanilla and strawberry flavors, and the texture was smooth and creamy. Neither the ice cream nor the sherbet were icy at all, as some early reviews had suggested.

The strawberry sherbet was sweet and slightly tart, with a hint of nostalgia. It reminded Sofia and Culinary Assistant, Ola Wadley, of an elevated strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. Senior Style Editor, Blair Donovan, likened the flavor to “a strawberry cake or Laffy Taffy,” while I thought the jammy swirl tasted just like the filling you’d find in a grocery store birthday cake.

Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream in pint.
Credit: Alex Foster Credit: Alex Foster

In the bites I had, there weren’t many big cookie pieces — I had to dig to find them. They did add some variety in texture when I did. Ola got a nice-sized chunk, which she really liked, saying, “They add a nice flavor.” We would love to see even more in the next batch (Snoop, if you’re listening).

“Every bite is different,” adds Blair, “which makes it kind of fun.” I agree. While there are a lot of elements, the combination isn’t too much or too rich. I think Snoop knew what he was doing with this one, and I could easily see myself going back in for more. It also has me very interested in trying some of his other flavors — Syrupy Waffle Sundaze has my name all over it.

Find it in stores: Dr. Bombay Strawberry Cream Dream, $6.99 for a 16 ounces at retailers nationwide

Have you tried Snoop’s newest flavor? Tell us about it in the comments below.