Sneaky Corgi Locks Family Cat in His Kennel and His Face Says It All

If you own both a dog and a cat, they probably have a love/hate relationship...much like siblings do. Some days they are best friends and other days they can't quit fighting with each other. That seems to be the case for Wayne and the cat he lives with. Wayne's mom Tiffany shared a video at the beginning of January that will have you cracking up in under 10 seconds!

Tiffany's video starts with Wayne sitting in front of his kennel (they refer to it in other videos as 'jail') intently watching the cat that's inside of it. Did the cat get sent to jail? Nope. The cat must have walked into the kennel and Wayne saw it, and decided to close the door, locking the cat in. Watch until the end because Wayne's face is priceless!

His face at the end had me cracking up! I've seen dogs smile and give some major side eye, but I've never seen a dog actually smirk, and he was definitely smirking! I don't even know how many times I've now watched @Tiffany's video but it totally made my day! I wasn't the only one who was a fan of the corgi's smirk. The video has been viewed more than 2 million times and has nearly 3 thousand comments. @Dani Miller got almost 31 thousand likes for her comment by pointing out, "He said "Yup", with a smirk LOL!" and @Jassy Jae shouted, "AND I'LL DO IT AGAIN!" @seaturtle79 said it best, "That was a devious, devious grin".

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Can Cats and Dogs Really Get Along?

Does your cat get along with your dog? My husband is allergic to cats, so we have never had one, but growing up, I remember our cats and dogs fighting like crazy (although most of the time they got along). The big question is, can cats and dogs really get along? If you have an older cat or dog and try to introduce a kitten or puppy to it, yes. They can learn to love each other. But if you have an older cat or dog and introduce another older pet, maybe not...especially if your dog is a breed that is aggressive towards cats.

If you are going to introduce a kitten to your pup, take it slowly. Make sure when you first bring your new pet home you give it some time to get used to their new surroundings before immediately trying to make a connection with other pets.

When you do introduce them, make it a short meeting. Just a few minutes to check each other out. If they seem comfy with each other, let them sniff each other. This is a time where you'll really want to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't try to attack each other. Praise both of them for being good, and if you see any aggression, immediately correct the behavior.

Let both animals have their own space. Don't try to force them to get along and become besties. With time and patience, they'll get used to each to each other (or at least learn to tolerate each other!)

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