A Sneakerhead’s Guide to NYC’s Coolest Sneaker Stores

Today Condé Nast Traveler joins professional stylist and sneakerhead Antoine Kelly to check out three of the coolest sneaker stores in New York City. As well as selling rare and exclusive shoes, the sneaker stores of NYC are often way more than just a store; whether it's their own speakeasy, cinema, or candy counter, sneaker shopping in NYC has evolved into a fully immersive experience for sneakerheads. Director: Hiatt Woods Director of Photography: Charlie Jordan; Kevin Dynia Editor: Brady Jackson Host: Antoine Kelly Creative Producer: Christie Garcia Line Producer: Joe Buscemi Associate Producer: Amy Haskour Production Manager: Melissa Heber Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila Casting Producer: Nick Sawyer Audio: Lily Van Leeuwen; Mike Guggino Production Assistant: Caleb Clark; Francis McNeil Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Montague Post Production Coordinator: Holly Frew Supervising Editor: Christina Mankellow Additional Editor: Katie Wolford; Paul Tael Assistant Editor: Andy Morell