Snack Pop has just unveiled "Snickers Candy Pop," and its now available at Sam's Club.

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Credit: Edit, Courtesy of Snickers

An unbiased journalist would tell it to you straight. She'd say that SNAX-Sational Brands just released Snickers Candy Pop popcorn, and it's now available at Sam's Clubs nationwide. But if you've had the Oreo version of this popcorn, you'll know why that journalistic neutrality is nearly impossible for me right now. 

The Oreo popcorn ruins lives...It ruined mine. And If I could do it all again, I would. It all started with a PR gift, and the taste of one popped kernel covered in authentic cookie bits. Before I knew it I was blacked out and half a family bag deep (both the Oreo and Snickers version come in a 20-ounce party size bag). It was worse than the fever dream I had about eating the 2-ton Snickers bar that set a world record.

According to a press release, the nutty, carmely popcorn--like its Oreo sibling--is 150 calories per serving, low sodium, made with non-GMO corn, and costs around $6. Why anyone buying a massive bag of Snickers popcorn would be concerned about GMO corn is beyond me, but, yay? 

By the way, the brand also sells M&Ms Minis Candy Pop, Twix Candy Pop, Chips Ahoy! Cookie Pop and Butterfinger Candy Pop... and they're proud of it. 

“We are very excited to continue to bring the most iconic brand names in the world to consumers through Snack Pop," said Frank Florio, President and Founder of Snack Pop. We're thrilled about it too, Frank, you life ruiner, you. 

So go on and travel (safely and conscientiously) to your local Sam's Club and pick up a bag; You're not you when you aren't eating Snickers popcorn. 

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