Snack Pack’s New Mermaid Splashes Pudding Has a Tropical Flavor

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Instagram @theimpulsivebuy
Photo credit: Instagram @theimpulsivebuy

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Snack Pack knows how to fill one little cup with a whole lot of flavor. Last year, the brand introduced Unicorn Magic and Dragon Treasure cups that are just as bright and colorful as you’d expect. To continue on the mystical creature treat, there is a new Mermaid Splashes variety.

Just like the unicorn ones, the Mermaid Splashes include pink and blue cups. While they don’t specifically say what the flavors are, we do know that they are tropical, so your taste buds will have to do the work here. Just don’t expect to dive in spoon-first thinking it’s just dyed vanilla pudding.

“Mermaid Splashes are magical treats that taste like melodies and adventure,” the description says. “This fun tropically flavored pudding for kids in made with real milk and comes in a rainbow of enchanting colors they’ll love sharing with their friends.”

You can find the Snack Pack Mermaid Splashes pudding at retailers, including Walmart for $2.48. Each pack comes with six individual 3.25-ounce cups, and it also comes with a sheet of temporary mermaid tattoos. A snack and an activity? Sign us up!

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