Smooth Tom Cruise Sent Shakira a Bouquet, Which Probably Means They're Dating

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  • Tom Cruise and Shakira were spotted together at a recent Formula 1 event.

  • Rumors began swirling that Cruise and Shakira are potentially dating now.

  • A source confirmed to Page Six that Cruise is pursuing the singer, and even sent her flowers.

Tom Cruise is back, baby! He's winning MTV Movie Awards again. His films are topping the box office again. And through the magic of his "Gen-X Nostalgia Armor," he has not yet been cancelled despite, you know, all of the things from the 2000s and such.

And all this success for Cruise means it's the right time to start dating again and seek out a new romance. The actor has had his fair share of high-profile, long-term relationships—Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard—and from the looks of things, he's ready to take flight once again, this time with a newly single singer whose hips, we have been told, do not proffer inaccurate information.

auto prix f1 usa
Cruise and Shakira photographed at the Formula 1 Grand PrixCHANDAN KHANNA - Getty Images

Yes, according to Page Six, the Eyes Wide Shut star has been attempting to court the "Wherever, Whenever" singer Shakira. Are Tom Cruise and Shakira dating? Well, you be the judge: The duo were photographed at the recent Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, Florida, where they visited the starting grid and spent time in a private hospitality suite.

An unnamed source informed Page Six that those who felt the photographs suggested more than just a casual outing between Cruise and Shakira are right. "He is extremely interested in pursuing her," their source said.

For Shakira, who's just coming off of a breakup with longtime boyfriend Gerard Piqué, the thought of potentially dating Tom Cruise could primarily be about comfort and stability. "Shakira needs a soft pillow to fall on, and that could be Tom," the source indicates.

And this celebrity courtship involves more than just a literal day at the races. Apparently the Top Gun: Maverick star also sent the singer a gift: "A source tells us that Cruise was so taken by the pop diva that he allegedly sent her flowers."

And you know what? We think that's just great. We have no thoughts on this other than that it's nice seeing Tom Cruise and Shakira, two extremely famous people, maybe dating and falling in love. We do not have any skepticism about the authenticity of any of this, or any questions about who this source is that leaked this story to Page Six. And we definitely did not have a snarkier, more critical version of this story drafted up before we pushed a wrong button, deleted it, and realized it was probably for the best since it would have totally gotten us heat from what might be an extremely intimidating PR machine.

Nope. We are just ... totally happy for Tom Cruise and Shakira, who might be dating. #swoon

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