The "Smoked Marshmallow" Hair-Color Trend Is 2019's Low-Maintenance Way to Go Blonde

Just when you thought you've seen all the variations of blonde, up pops another hair-color trend worth a second look — and maybe a try. This time, we're talking about "smoked marshmallow hair," which could be another one of 2019's hottest hues. This is thanks to the low-maintenance vibe of the color and the way it can be adapted to many different shades of blonde and brunette.

The color was created by Bakersfield, California-based colorist Megan Martinez, who loves bright blondes but understands clients can't always deal with the maintenance. "Sometimes you don’t have time to upkeep your roots, so when you have a beautiful blend you have a little bit more leeway," she tells Allure. That "blend" she speaks of is colorist wording for a mix of highlights and lowlights that make regrowth less harsh. That way, you can refresh your color every six to eight weeks instead of every month.

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Megan Ilene Martinez/Instagram

To get the smoked marshmallow look, Martinez worked with what client already had: three-inch roots in a medium brown shade as well as light-blonde ends. "I took deep diagonals throughout her root area around her hairline," she explains. "She lifted amazingly with a pale blonde." Martinez used Pulp Riot Faction 8 toner to get those icy blonde pieces, a product she favors for the strong pigments that don't tone the hair more than need be. She adds, "It's rich with quinoa protein, which keeps my clients' hair strong and shiny." The ultimate goal: healthy and bright hair.

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Megan Ilene Martinez/Instagram

To keep strands brass-free before that two-month appointment, Martinez recommends using a purple shampoo, such as her favorite Pulp Riot Barcelona Toning Shampoo.

An easy, low-maintenance color that looks edgy and pretty at the same time? Sign me up. Now, I'll be right back. I'm all of a sudden in the mood for something sweet.

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