Smoke pot, get superpowers in Craig Robinson and Andy Samberg's new comedy Super High

William Hughes
·1 min read
This, but they’re also stoned, and bulletproof.
This, but they’re also stoned, and bulletproof.

As far as we know, the only superpower that smoking weed grants you in the real world is the ability to quiet the constant, screaming anxiety that otherwise deafens all extant forms of human interaction or thought. (That’s not just us, right?) Not so in the world of Andy Samberg and Craig Robinson’s new comedy film—titled, first-draft, best-draft-style, Super High, obviously—in which the two actors will indulge in a fantasy where getting high also makes you a superhero.

This is per Variety, which reports that Samberg and Robinson will both produce and star in the film, from Barry screenwriter Adam Mansbach. (That’s “Young Barack Obama movie” Barry, not “Bill Hader murders people” Barry, by the way.) Common will co-star in the film, presumably as another regular pot-smoker/superpowered individual.

Anyway: New stoner comedy about Jake Peralta, Doug Judy, and the second-coolest killer from John Wick: Chapter 2 teaming up (or maybe fighting each other) with superpowers. What’s not to like?