Will Smith and Willow Smith Sing Karaoke on Christmas as Jada Pinkett Smith Films 'Jadachella'

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The Smith family rang in Christmas with a little music.

Matriarch Jada Pinkett Smith shared sweet videos from her family’s festivities on her Instagram Story, which seemed to include a booming karaoke machine.

Jada, 48, first shared a video of husband Will Smith — wearing red Santa pants! — serenading the family on his own. But the real treat came after when the couple’s 19-year-old daughter Willow joined her dad for a duet.

The two read the lyrics from a phone Will, 51, was holding as they swayed back and forth with the music and perfectly harmonized. Jada wittily dubbed the evening “Jadachella,” likely a reference to Beyoncé rebranding popular music festival Coachella as “Beychella” when she performed there in 2018.

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Earlier in the night, Jada also shared a video of Willow cuddling up with a puppy, and one of her festive holiday sweater that dubbed her “Santa Claus.”

While the couple’s older son Jaden, 21, didn’t show up in the videos, Jada shared a festive snap of her son with a red Santa hat photoshopped on his head.

Willow and Will Smith | Jada Pinkett Smith/ Instagram
Willow and Will Smith | Jada Pinkett Smith/ Instagram

The father-daughter duo have a special bond, and Will last celebrated his youngest with an all-out bash for her birthday, which falls on Halloween. The actor later shared an inside look at Willow’s birthday party on his YouTube channel, where he revealed that it was the first soirée for Willow in five years.

“Me and Jada really wanted to lay it out for her. This is her last year of teens to have her birthday party,” Will said.

Her party was complete with catering by chefs dressed in combat gear and brandishing flames as they cooked a special dinner.

Will reminisced on the day his daughter was born, saying, “She came out and literally [she] was fitting in my hand. Just her little legs hanging off and she looked like a little bean. My little bean.”

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“I’m just glad we were able to give her this kind of memory and memory for us,” Jada said of the party.

When it came time to blow out her birthday candles, Willow was surprised with a cake decorated with mushrooms a la Alice in Wonderland.

“This is amazing! Thank you guys so much for coming,” Willow told her guests. “I’m so grateful for all the love and support and the community that I have in my life. I’m so happy that you all are here. This is a beautiful cake, let’s have some fun. Thank you!”