Will Smith Said That After He Slapped Chris Rock At The Oscars, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Called Him For 10 Days Straight

After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at this year's Oscars, we heard all about the people who had reached out to check on him.

  Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images
Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

There was Denzel Washington.

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Robyn Beck / AFP via Getty Images

Tyler Perry.

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Who also checked on Chris, btw.

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And Floyd Mayweather Jr. too, apparently.

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Yep — during a private screening for his Emancipation movie, Will spoke about how Floyd supported him in those immediate days after the slap.

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The slap came after Chris made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith looking like G.I. Jane because of her bald head, which she'd shaved as a result of alopecia. Will faced widespread outrage and condemnation for hitting Chris and was ultimately banned from the Oscars for the next decade.

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According to him, Floyd called him for 10 days in a row after the incident, trying to see if Will was OK.

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“[Floyd and I] met each other, we’ve seen each other around, but we weren’t like, friends,” Will told the audience in a video obtained by TMZ Sports, where the boxer could be seen sitting among the crowd.

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“And, the day after the Oscars, for 10 days, he called me every day," Will continued. "And he was like, ‘Hey, you know you the champ, right? You good? You know you the champ, right? I want you to hear my voice say it."

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"Every day he called me," he added, "and it’s like, that’s my dude forever right there.”

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Floyd nodded along in agreement as Will spoke before appearing to say, "That's right."

And that's coming from someone with a long history of domestic violence.

And that's coming from someone with a long history of domestic violence.

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You can watch it all here: