'Smiling' Labrador Mix Named 'Sugar' Who's Been at Shelter Half Her Life Is Breaking Hearts

Sugar is the sweetest dog. And she needs an equally sweet person to come and adopt her. The Anita's Stevens Swan Humane Society in Upstate New York, NY is hoping to find the Labrador Retriever mix a fur-ever home. And now they're turning to the internet for a little help.

It's almost impossible to believe it, but Sugar has been in the rescue's care for two years.

As the Humane Society explained in a post on Facebook, Sugar first came to them as a puppy at nearly a year-and-a-half years old.

"She was abandoned by her owner at the start of April 2022," they explained in the post. "It's no fault of her own because Sugar is just as sweet as her name."

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The Labrador Retriever mix loves to smile — "She's a lovable, energetic, and playful girl," they added.

Shelter life isn't easy. Many dogs really start to feel down if they are in these kinds of facilities for too long. But not Sugar. She "spends most of her time waiting for her daily outside time."

"In the summer, she is truly herself when she gets to take full advantage of the yard, running and playing with Lori," they explained.

Commenters were stunned that Sugar hadn't been snapped up yet. "This is so surprising. I'd have thought a dog like her — a Yellow Lab mix, no less — would be swooped up," one person wrote. "What a beautiful girl! Can't imagine she's been there so long!" someone else exclaimed. "Sending prayers for you Sugar that your forever person will come," another person added. "I don’t understand how she is overlooked!!!! Sweet girl!!!" someone else chimed in.

Ways to Help Anita’s Stevens Swan Humane Society

If Sugar's story has touched your heart, there are many ways you can help. Of course, fostering or adopting the dog is very helpful. But if bringing home an animal isn't in the cards right now, you can lend a hand to Anita's Stevens Swan Humane Society too.

Donating money is one of the easiest ways you can help the shelter. They need funds for medical treatments or items that relate to animals' care.

You can also "adopt a kennel" — a process where people can sponsor a kennel and in return get recognition for helping an animal in need. Committing to a kennel not only provides funds to the animal residing within, but gives that animal more time to find a forever home.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Sugar specifically, you can fill out a form here.

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