Smash Stuff for Fun — Toronto’s New ‘Rage Room’ Attraction Is Awesome

Photo: Rage Room

By Elianna Lev | Daily Buzz

If punching a pillow isn’t a satisfying release for your rage, a Toronto sports bar has an interesting solution to your problem.

For $20, you’re welcome to have at ‘em inside Battle Sports’ Rage Room. Angry participants with fury to spare are suited up in protective gear (including gardening gloves and a paintball mask), handed a baseball bat and encouraged to go wild in a room full of breakables.

For 30 spirit-lifting minutes, you can order and destroy items on the Rage Room Smash Menu, though the first five plates are complimentary.

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Mirrors and any additional plates (which were bought from garage sales) are $2 each, wine glasses are $3, a vase is $5, a chair is $20 and other specialty (mystery) items vary in price.

Smashers are forbidden from bringing their own items, so leave those unwanted trinkets at home.

One of the room’s co-founders, Timothy Cheung, told the Guardian that the idea was spurred by a similar service in Serbia. They figured it would do well in a work-focused town like Toronto.

“Toronto is such a high-strung city,” he told the paper. “We thought it could stand to let off a little steam.”

While it was challenging to find an insurance company to get on board (the liability waver is apparently the length of a tome), they eventually did, and set up shop in an industrial area in the city’s north end.

The Guardian suspects the remote location is intentional – the anger that’s been built from the long transit commute can come in handy when it’s time to smash.

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