Are You Smarter Than A Pro Chef: Babish Vs. June

In the ultimate non-cooking competition show; we have Binging With Babish's Andrew Rea going head-to-head against Delish's own, June Xie, in answering not-so-basic cooking questions. Whoever has the most correct answers at the end, wins. (What do they win? Nothing. Glory. Pride. Who is to say.) And yes, of course, the questions will get slightly harder in each round .

Video Transcript

ANDREW RAY: Oh. Wild guess.

JUNE XIE: Oh my God.

ANDREW RAY: I didn't realize that this was going to get really deep here on "Delish".


JUNE XIE: Welcome to "Are You Smarter Than a Pro Chef?" In this show, I'm going to go head to head with your favorite people on the internet. We're going to see who's wiser, who knows more [BLEEP].


JUNE XIE: Ooh. And in the end, nobody wins anything. My inaugural guest today is "Binging with Babish's" Andrew.

ANDREW RAY: Hey, what's up, guys? My name is Andrew Ray. I make a show called "Binging with Babish". And today, I'm going to play "Are You Smarter Than a Pro Chef?" where I'm going to go head to head against the "Delish" test kitchen chef, 10 questions that are going to get increasingly difficult.

JUNE XIE: Oh my God, Julia.

ANDREW RAY: [BLEEP] Let's see who knows more than the other person.

JUNE XIE: What's up Andrew? Nice to see you through the YouTubes.

ANDREW RAY: Nice to meet you. Very-- sorry. Let's do that again.

JUNE XIE: No second takes. This is it. This is real TV. We're rolling.

ANDREW RAY: June, nice to meet you. And are you ready to win?

JUNE XIE: I'm also ready to lose. I think that's a good rule of thumb to go by.

ANDREW RAY: That's how I like to live my life. I'm ready to win. But I'm also very ready to lose. But today, I'm especially ready to lose. Let's do it. I have every color of the rainbow here. What color ought I be?

JUNE XIE: You can be all of them. I'm going to go with purple. I don't know about you.

ANDREW RAY: I'm going purple.

JUNE XIE: Did you pick purple too?

ANDREW RAY: Oh OK. All right. Oh, no you picked it first. I'm sorry. I will go.

JUNE XIE: Out of all of these colors. No, we're doing purple. No take backs. That's it. Head to head. Oh my God.

ANDREW RAY: I know one at least. I'm getting at least one point. I can't see yours. Yup, there we go. Yeah. All right.

JUNE XIE: That was so easy.

ANDREW RAY: Are we supposed to write out three? [BLEEP]

JUNE XIE: Hit us harder. Oh my God. Oh no. Why?

ANDREW RAY: This is according to the USDA of course. And the USDA wants to keep you safe. But at what cost? Oh. I am wrong. I thought the USDA were real psychos about it. I didn't realize you could do 145. OK.

JUNE XIE: I believe 165 is chicken my friend.

ANDREW RAY: That is chicken.

JUNE XIE: I didn't get my food handler certificate for nothing eight years ago.

ANDREW RAY: Oh she's certified? I'm not certified. This is rigged. Go ahead.


ANDREW RAY: This is a guess but I feel like it's a very educated guess. Yeah. All right. We know what my favorite meat is that hurts the planet the most.

JUNE XIE: Guys, just eat beans. Produce the farts yourself. Don't want the cows do the dirty work for you.

ANDREW RAY: Listen, I love beans just as much as beef, just like everybody else.

JUNE XIE: Whoa. Man, I studied French. And I don't even know this.

ANDREW RAY: Oh, God. I know this. I was going to say puff potager. Oh. Wild guess.

JUNE XIE: Dang. I got a 4 in AP French. And I don't know how.

ANDREW RAY: I took seven years of Spanish and I still have the conversational ability of a very self-centered three-year-old.

JUNE XIE: Oh my God, Julia.

ANDREW RAY: [BLEEP] That's brutal. OK.

JUNE XIE: That is brutal.

ANDREW RAY: Does it have to be exact? Oh. Tie. Dead heat. All right.

JUNE XIE: Maybe this is the moment we realized we're the same person.

ANDREW RAY: I was worried this was going to happen. I've seen "Fight Club".

JUNE XIE: Oh my gosh.

ANDREW RAY: In 10 seconds? Are you mad? This is rig.

JUNE XIE: I can't write that fast.

ANDREW RAY: Yeah, me either.

JUNE XIE: Oh. No. I just finished writing it.

ANDREW RAY: I got the lyrics to the song.

JUNE XIE: I got four.

ANDREW RAY: Scarborough Fair. Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme. Yeah. I know there was a lot of herbs.


ANDREW RAY: That is 1 and 1/4 seconds to write a word.

JUNE XIE: I'm not a machine, OK? Rigged. I've never heard this before.

ANDREW RAY: Sprinkle-- I said sprinkle with parsley. I think she get-- yeah. I think that's hers. I think that belongs to June. That is nice. Nicely done.

JUNE XIE: I worked in the restaurant industry for 4 and 1/2 years. And I've never heard that phrase ever. So--

ANDREW RAY: I worked in a restaurant one day and cut my thumb so bad they fired me on the spot.

JUNE XIE: Damn. Usually they just tell you to suck it up and keep bleeding into the food.

ANDREW RAY: Oh, they did. They did. I finished the lunch rush. Then they fired me.

JUNE XIE: That's the restaurant industry I know and love.

ANDREW RAY: All right. Come on, Andrew. Redemption round. I said, no cocoa solids. Yo, nice. All right.

JUNE XIE: Three materials that are considered reactive. [? Goo-- ?]

ANDREW RAY: We need more than 10 seconds. OK. Ah, she got it. And I did not. I said non-stick, which I think I said in my mind is-- isn't non-stick reactive, though?

JUNE XIE: I mean, what is nonstick though? Because nonstick is just the bonding that you put on top of your metal. Right?

ANDREW RAY: Yeah. But you can't get nonstick copper. Or you can't get nonstick-- I thought hard anodized pans were reactive. Hang on.

JUNE XIE: Listen, Andrew. Look. I've been cooking on my IKEA pots that I bought for $14 about eight years ago when I was even more broke. And that tells you how much I know about pots.

ANDREW RAY: Nonstick is nonreactive. I see.



JUNE XIE: Uh-oh. No, no, no. This I do not know.

ANDREW RAY: I don't know either. So I'm making a joke.

JUNE XIE: I just know that it's a random bunch of letters. I mean, comment down below if you know what EFR stands for because I sure as hell don't. I just wrote it. In the grand scheme of things, if I'm not the same person as you, I still lost.

ANDREW RAY: What a kind and very mean thing to say about yourself. I appreciate it. But--

JUNE XIE: I just want the universe to become one. I need the singularity to happen right now.

ANDREW RAY: I didn't realize that this was going to get really deep here on "Delish". But I agree. I think that we should merge into the singularity. I think 2021 is the year that we do it. This has been "Delish" original programming.

JUNE XIE: Andrew, thank you so much for taking time out of your fantastic life and busy schedule to join me and answering these silly questions. I hope y'all learned something. And I hope y'all learned that Andrew is fantastic more than you thought he was. Maybe next time, we'll do a rematch and we'll figure out that we're actually the same person because singularity.

ANDREW RAY: Thank you so much, "Delish" for having me. Thank you for throwing me a bunch of softballs so I didn't look like a complete dingus. If you want more "Binging With Babish", go check out my channel, Binging With Babish where I recreate food from movies and television. And my Babish Cookware line is available now on Amazon. Go check it out. And thank you, June, for being awesome and for promoting the singularity, which is something that people are just learning that I'm a believer in.

JUNE XIE: 2021. We're going to make it happen, guys.