These New Smart Glasses From Solos Are on a Whole New Level

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Smart technology is changing the world around us. It’s helping us improve our safety, changing how we light our homes, and even turning something as simple as a pair of glasses into an advanced gadget capable of making phone calls and more.

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CES has kicked off, and we’ve already seen some fantastic smart tech announcements from companies like Nanoleaf, Lockly, and more. The latest news from CES is the introduction of two new pairs of smart glasses from manufacturer Solos.

Smart glasses are an excellent investment for anybody who already wears glasses daily or anybody who wants a new toy. They can replace your earbuds for making calls or listening to music, connect you to your smartphone, and sometimes, even take photos and videos.

Solos is giving us a sneak peek at two new products: the AirGo3 and the AirGo3 Pro. Here’s what we know about them so far:


Courtesy of Solos
Courtesy of Solos

First is Solos’ new AirGo3 smart glasses, the third generation of its AirGo series. There are multiple improvements from previous generations, notably the new “SmartHinge,” which enables personalized front frame styles to accommodate any environment you might use them in.

Other features of the new AirGo3 smart glasses include all-day battery life, a new IP67 waterproof rating, and Whisper’s open-ear audio design that provides 360° audio and the loudest sound level of any smart glasses on the market today.

AirGo3 Pro

Courtesy of Solos
Courtesy of Solos

The AirGo3 Pro smart glasses by Solos have made quite a splash already, earning recognition as a CES 2023 Innovation Award honoree. They’re built using the AirGo3 platform but include some additional groundbreaking features.

The AirGo3 Pros are the world’s very first hearing smart glasses that feature an open ear design and situational awareness, integrating the functions of smart glasses and hearing aids. Additionally, the AirGo3 Pro glasses feature WhisperPro Audio Technology, which removes ambient noise and allows echo feedback to amplify conversations and selected audio signals.

a detailed look at Solos' new smarthinge glasses hinge
Courtesy of Solos

The base AirGo3 smart glasses are available for purchase now, but we’ll have to wait until later in 2023 to try out the AirGo3 Pros. If you want to learn more about smart glasses, check out some of our favorites here.

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