This Smart Garbage Can Is the Latest Home Gadget We're Buying

We're Obsessed With This Self-Changing Trash CanCourtesy of Retailer

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WHILE WE TRY to love every single item in our home, especially the ones that keep the place clean—we don't always want to touch everything. Case in point: trash cans. The atrocity is in the name, after all. So in our hunt for the perfect solution, we came across a self-changing one on Instagram with more than 8,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments from people asking for the link. Well, we found out where to buy this self-changing trash can and we'll happily share the info with everyone who wants to keep their hands clean.

It's called the TOWNEW T1 Self-Changing Trash Can. Here's how it works: It has a built-in motion sensor that detects when the bag gets full, and when it does, the top lifts up, closes, and seals the bag right before you grab it to take it out. Rest assured, you're only touching the outside once the bag is sealed shut. Plus, you won't have to insert a new set of bags until all 25 pre-loaded rolls are used and tossed.

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T1 Self-Sealing and -Changing Trash Can


One customer said: "This is my second can. Every time I change the bag, I tell my husband 'I love my trash can!' It's easy to use and easy to refill." So if you're not big into chores and cleaning, this is definitely the trash can for you. We're obsessed with this thing, but do want to disclose that it only has a four-gallon capacity (most standard kitchen trash cans are around 13). It's perfect for smaller spaces, but if you cook a lot or have a big family, you'll want to buy two of these trash cans.

Don't wait too long to snag it because the other three styles are already long sold out. While we can't promise taking out the trash will become your new favorite thing to do, we can definitely guarantee the process will be much smoother and less stinky.

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