Sloth's Daring Escape Even Has His Owner in Shock

Drogo is a master escape artist!

When animal caregiver Brian Barczyk arrived his zoo--The Reptarium--to find part of the gift shop overturned, he genuinely had no clue who the culprit could be. One-by-one, he checked that each enclosure was secure until he finally came across an open door. It was Drogo the sloth who had gone for a midnight stroll around the zoo!

If you think that's hilarious, just wait until you see the surveillance footage. Barczyk shared on his Facebook page--it's too much! Luckily, he found a quick solution for keeping the hairy Houdini in his enclosure, so this should only be a one-time incident.

OMG! We're obsessed with the little escape artist and how subtly he pulled off his plan. Who knew sloths were so observant? We suppose his only option was to execute his breakout at night since he moves so slow (don't be fooled by sped-up surveillance footage), but hey--it worked!

"Drogo sleeping in his bed, like nothing happened," viewer Erica Borglund commented on the video. "Till he forgot to close the door." LMAO! There's always that one detail in the plan that gets overlooked, and it ended up being his downfall.

Then again, how is a sloth supposed to close a door, exactly? He was so tired from his adventures! Commenter Sarah Terra CCiano wrote, "Tasted freedom, got tired, went back to bed. Pretty much my life too." You're not alone there! Drogo is a smart guy for knowing when to call it quits--but how cute was it that he took himself all the way to bed? Not even his dad could be mad about his adventure, and we don't blame him one bit.

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