Slipknot's Corey Taylor Shares His Best (and Worst) Financial Investments

Vanessa Etienne
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From Men's Health

With his debut solo album, CMFT, and very own wrestling video game, Corey Taylor, musician and lead vocalist for Slipknot, has made some successful money moves throughout his career—but it definitely took some trial and error.

The 46-year-old recently sat down with Men’s Health to share his hardest financial blows and greatest investments, and recalled one particularly huge shopping spree during his early brush with success. After receiving his first big check, Taylor said he headed straight to Best Buy and purchased $10,000 worth of DVDs. (Four shopping carts full, to be exact.) He explained that “having grown up poor, when you get money for the first time nobody walks you through what to do with it. You just kind of explode.”

And years later, Taylor found himself making the worst purchase of his career when he invested in a friend’s tattoo parlor that ultimately flopped. The investment wiped him of $35,000 and the lesson was finally learned.

Photo credit: Men's Health
Photo credit: Men's Health

Nowadays, Taylor attributes his financial success to real estate. You won’t catch him buying a private jet or a fancy car, but you can bet he’s buying houses. He said buying and reselling homes he’s lived in for a good profit is the best money he’s ever spent. “If you move into the right neighborhoods and someone sells a house for one price, and it’s more than what you paid for your house, you will walk into money...and you didn’t even do anything.”

Taylor’s main reason for learning the ins and outs of real estate is to ensure that his kids are financially okay. His money mantra? Don’t risk what you don’t want to lose. Hear, hear.

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