I Slept With This Cooling Comforter For a Week, and My Night Sweats Are Suddenly a Thing of the Past

Sarah Wasilak

The first thing I want to point out is that there's no shame in experiencing night sweats. At first, I was embarrassed by this. When I started sweating in my sleep after a change in medication, I thought for sure my fiancé (and my cat!) would be grossed out. "They're going to start sleeping on the couch without me!" I worried one day when I changed my sheets, only to reveal a yellowing mattress pad that was obviously much more worn on my side. But night sweats mostly just affect the person who's sweating, and it's natural to have to deal with the issue for a whole host of reasons worth exploring.

I knew why I was sweating, but I was wondering if there was any sort of quick fix - a way to keep me cooler at night so that I might not wake up drenched quite as often. A quick search revealed Buffy, a company that's founded on sustainable practices and dedicated to using earth-friendly materials to make its bedding. Its Breeze Comforter actually regulates temperature and is made of eucalyptus, which uses 10 times less water to grow than cotton. The Breeze promises to banish night sweats with its breathable design, and I figured I'd team it up with Buffy's newest release: the Soft Hemp sheets. The Hemp Collection is just another way to invest in bettering the environment (hemp absorbs five times more CO2 than trees!), so I figured why not?

When I received my new bedding, I washed the sheets and started off just experimenting with the comforter at first. After two nights sleeping underneath it, I already felt an improvement. It's almost like my body was "adjusting" to the cool, new atmosphere underneath the blanket. My silly future husband even joked about just how nice it was under the Breeze: "Ooh, I'm freezing!" he'd laugh each night, pretending to shiver as we hopped into bed. But this comforter really was lowering my body heat during the night, because I was no longer waking up with sweat beads trickling down the sides of my face.

Once I threw the hemp sheets into the mix, I really started sleeping like a log, which I like to say just because Buffy as a brand makes me feel like I am one with nature. The hemp is soft, and gets softer with each wash, but it's also crisp and cool - even though it's not necessarily made to temperature regulate. While I can't say for sure this combination will work for everyone since every body is different, I do know that it's week two and I have yet to wake up from one night sweat episode. Scroll down to see exactly what my new bedding looks like, and if you're interested in trying it out for yourself, Buffy even offers a free trial. Now that's seriously cool for everyone.


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