Skype Therapy Can Be a Traveler’s Best Friend


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Think you travel too much to see a therapist on a regular basis?

It’s a pretty common excuse and one I used to use all of the time.

But when it comes to mental well-being, frequent travelers may need therapy more than most people. Our lives are often disrupted by erratic schedules, personal relationships can be put at risk, and existing issues are often exacerbated on the road. Your sleep can suffer. Your eating and your health take a backseat. You are frequently worn out and cranky.

These are all situations that can be lessened with regular check-ins with a mental health professional. But how do you work therapy into a busy travel schedule?

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The answer is to let the therapy come to you.

Enter “In Your Corner,” an online therapy start-up that allows its customers to Skype and email with professional therapists anywhere, anytime.

“We are excited to be a resource where therapy isn’t an option,” explained founder Bea Arthur. “When you travel, often a sense of constancy is incredibly important to your mental health. We provide that. We want to make this as easy a possible.”

Arthur first launched a version of the site three years ago, but relaunched it with an updated interface just a few weeks ago.

“I wanted to make the benefits of therapy more affordable and accessible. When people think about therapy, they often think about problems. I don’t think about it that way. I think about using therapy to find solutions. Everybody has stuff. You life is better when you talk about it,” Arthur said.

One of In Your Corner’s first patients was an expat living in the United Arab Emirates who used the website to speak to an eating disorder specialist. A lot of the service’s patients are active duty members in the military who are overseas and prefer the ability to seek therapy outside of service doctors.

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In Your Corner offers variations on therapy. Clients can do video sessions over Skype (which mimic a traditional therapy sessions), or on a computer or phone screen. They can also opt for a digital diary, writing concerns and issues in an email and having a therapist write back. Patients can literally seek out therapy from anywhere, even while stuck in traffic or waiting in line at airport security. There also are career coaches, life coaches, and meditation coaches available.

I tested out the service when I began hitting the road on a very regular basis last year. You choose your therapist based on his or her specialities and qualifications. Since signing up, I have had therapy sessions in the Maldives, Hong Kong, Greece, and Utah.

Payment plans vary. You can pay as you go at $50 for a 30-minute session. There is also the option to pay a monthly fee that starts at $125 for three 30-minute sessions.

Life on the road can be tough. Why not make it a little easier?

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