The Sky Today, September 9, 2023

At 4:38 a.m.: The moon is sextile Jupiter

In the morning, the Cancer moon sextiles Jupiter in Taurus, improving relationships with loved ones. Heightened sensitivities inspire empathy towards the needs of others. Our attentiveness is rewarded with reciprocity. While respecting tradition, we also look to the future. This is a great time for relaxing with friends and family. Alternatively, a growth opportunity may come through a relative. Employ this influence to offer forgiveness, extend gratitude to ancestors, or consider the spiritual rituals of your lineage.

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At 6:49 a.m.: The moon is sextile the sun

Around dawn, the moon sextiles the Virgo sun, perpetuating the morning’s easy-going vibes. Our emotional and egoic priorities are in sync, granting us confidence. We’re “all business” now, even if we’re not working. We have little patience for drama and will politely excuse ourselves from tense environments. Because the Cancer moon can stimulate fluctuations in mood, surround yourself with similarly no-nonsense personalities. Avoid those who want to challenge or antagonize you for sport. 

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