The Sky Today, September 8, 2023

At 3:43 a.m.: The moon is trine Saturn

In the pre-dawn hours, the moon trines Saturn in Pisces, inspiring resilience. The Cancer moon has us reflecting upon what makes us feel secure and safe. Saturn represents the elder archetype. Our thoughts may drift to our families at this time, to ancestral rituals, stories, or guidance. As we consider how we have been supported by blood or chosen family, we might also deliberate how we can become a wise ancestor for another. The seeds of our future realities are planted in the present moment. 

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At 4:13 a.m.: The sun is trine Jupiter

Following this, the Virgo sun trines Jupiter, which has just recently begun its retrograde in Taurus. At this time, growth opportunities abound, but seizing them depends on our mindset! After all, are we truly “lucky,” or are we just more discerning? Is fortune simply “falling” into our laps, or does our positive attitude position us to capitalize on our prospects?  This is an auspicious transit, and the only risk here is that we might take today’s fortune for granted! Consider attuning to this occasion with a spiritual practice like prayer or meditation. Begin a new journey in self-discovery through travel or higher education. Planning and research are favored, as well as connecting with people in the know who can assist in your development. Focus on the details but have a big-picture goal in mind. Preparation and faith will aid in this quest. 

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