The Sky Today, September 4, 2023

At 3:29 a.m.: Mercury is trine Jupiter

In the pre-dawn hours, Mercury trines Jupiter in Taurus, the second of three aspects between these two planetary bodies during Mercury’s retrograde spin. The first pass, which took place on August 9, emphasized negotiations, studies in higher education, and auspicious spiritual discoveries. Our interests were bolstered by idealism. We were able to balance both the details and the big-picture implications of our ventures.  Today’s aspect occurs with Mercury in retrograde motion, yet this trine mitigates some of the cringes of Mercury’s messy backspin. In other words, keep doing what you’re doing! This is no time to abandon work, studies, or conversations, as the power of positive thinking is still evident!  However, something that began around a month ago now needs to be revisited or reconsidered. Perhaps initial projections or timetables merit revision. Remember that idealism? It’s possible that we assumed we’d now be wrapping up something that requires more work to bear fruit. Keep your head up and press on. This reexamination may turn this into an even juicier exploit than you initially anticipated!

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At 4:12 a.m.: The moon is trine the sun

Following this, the Taurus moon trines the Virgo sun, keeping spirits high. We are undaunted by hard work or minutiae. In fact, we may thrive in environments where attention to detail is necessary. This is a fine aspect for relaxing (the Taurus moon does love when we stop and smell the roses). However, it will be even better for routine practices like running errands, exercising, or checking things off our to-do lists. Don’t rush and reward yourself for making progress. 

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