The Sky Today, November 12, 2023

At 4:09 a.m.: The moon is opposite Jupiter

In the pre-dawn hours, the intense Scorpio moon opposes grandiose Jupiter in Taurus. We might be overly confident one minute and pensive the next. Luck seems just out of reach, causing us to feel sorry for ourselves. In part, our frustration may be due to plans for our future failing to pan out the way we’d hoped. Even though we may try to control all the variables, the universe appears to have other plans.  As a result, we fail to see all the wonderful opportunities available to us, because we feel robbed of our one chosen prize. Although we may prefer to wallow in isolation, this is a good time to reach out and ask for guidance. We have more support than we think. In fact, others who have navigated similar situations may have the perfect advice to offer.

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At 5:16 p.m.: The moon is inconjunct Chiron

The cosmic weather is then quiet until the early evening, when the Scorpio moon forms a quincunx with Chiron in Aries, further provoking insecurities. An issue from the past must now be excavated and addressed. The catch? We’re not quite sure what the issue is. We’ve successfully repressed it and don’t remember the specifics.  Nonetheless, this past wound is subtly and unconsciously controlling our present behaviors. The moon-Chiron inconjunct calls attention to an emotional disconnect. The solve? Get curious! We may not be able to retrieve the full origin story today, but now that we have a starting point, we can begin the healing investigation. 

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