The Sky Today, May 16, 2023

At 8:29 a.m.: The moon is conjunct Chiron

In the morning, the Aries moon aligns with Chiron, stimulating sensitivities. A crisis of confidence demands remediation. However, should we assert ourselves impulsively, we’ll only exacerbate the tension. This is because the challenge we’re currently facing lies in our minds and hearts, not in present stressors. We’re essentially shadowboxing a past wound that we have unconsciously chosen to legitimize.  In the past, someone might have torn us down by calling into question our abilities or leadership skills. We could have been bullied for defending ourselves. Today, residual insecurities can play out at work or in our relationships, where we project our anxieties onto others. Instead of blaming someone for abandoning you, consider how you abandon yourself by accepting a victimization narrative.

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At 10:20 a.m.: Jupiter enters Taurus

Late in the morning, Jupiter exits brash and bold Aries to enter sensual and stable Taurus! The planet of luck and abundance will transit the sign of the Bull until May 25, 2024! Jupiter serves to magnify and expand what it touches, and in Taurus terrain, it can make us the ultimate aesthetes and pleasure-seekers.  This sign is all about the five senses, encouraging us to explore the natural and material world through instinctual experience. Naturally, this time can foreshadow an abundance of good food, good company, and opportunities for financial growth, opulence, and luxury. However, it can also signal over-indulgence.  Over the next twelve months, too much of a good thing can make us ill! It will be necessary to mind our epicurean limits, as well as to keep watch over our investments and accounts. Luck might be on our side now, but staying humble will offset the risk. Examine your birth chart and take note of which house(s) Jupiter is moving through to get more clarity on personal lessons to be learned. 

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